5 Improvements To Make To Your Commercial Tenant Space

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Whether you run a brick and mortar store or you have an office for professional use, having a space to call your own is something that's worth bragging about. If you are like most business owners, you probably rent your commercial space from someone else. The great thing about renting commercial spaces, however, is that you can typically hire a commercial tenant improvement contractor to come to transform the space into something that looks like your own. When you have a space that resembles your business and your brand, you are more likely to resonate with customers. Here are five improvements that you can make to your space with the help of a contractor. 

1. Changing the Layout

If you are renting a space that is completely bare and doesn't' have any walls in it, then it is essentially a blank slate for you and your contractor to add some walls to create the space that you need. For instance, if you are running a retail space where you sell clothing, then you are definitely going to need to have dressing rooms and restrooms for customers. You and your contractor will create a design layout that is perfect for you. 

2. Adding New Flooring

Another thing for you to do is to change the flooring. if you have subfloors like concrete that are already at your property, then it should be fairly easy to add flooring like laminate, wood, tile, or even carpet tiles over the top of it. Just make sure that you choose flooring that's durable and resilient. 

3. Don't Forget the Lighting

Lighting can really make or break the mood of your store. If you have lighting that's too bright, then it's going to create a completely different mood than if you were to have dim lighting. Talk to your designer or contractor about the type of mood you want to set. For instance, if you are a boutique, you may want dim lighting, but if you are a law firm, then you may want brighter lighting. 

4. Breakroom

Having a breakroom for you and your employees is a must if you have the extra square footage. Depending on how much space you have to work with, your breakroom may only be able to accommodate a small fridge and a microwave, or if you have a lot of room, then you may be able to have an entire kitchen in there. 

5. The Details

Adding unique details to your space will help give it the character that it needs to bring the design of your space to life. Some details to consider include accent walls made of shiplap, wallpaper, brick, or board and batten. Other details to consider are fun tiling on the floor or on the walls, unique light fixtures, and bright colors. 

Having the perfect commercial space to call your own can help you set up a successful business. To learn more, reach out to a commercial tenant improvement contractor