3 Ways To Prevent Pet-Related Plumbing Problems

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Most homeowners don't see a connection between the health of their plumbing system and the presence of a pet in the home, but these two are most definitely related. A pet can have a direct impact on the quality and performance of your plumbing system, despite the fact that they don't actually use plumbing fixtures themselves.

Being aware of the potential problems your pet can cause will allow you to take action to prevent pet-related plumbing problems in the future.

1. Cover Exposed Pipes

Modern plumbing systems feature pipes that are made from PEX or PVC. These materials are durable enough to stand up to regular water use, but they are no match for the teeth of your family dog. Exposed pipe can easily be damaged by a dog that likes to chew.

Your pet can chew through pipes with ease, resulting in a serious plumbing problem. Fortunately, pipe covers can help eliminate this pet-related plumbing problem. If your dog can't see the exposed pipe because it has been camouflaged with a cover, then he or she won't be tempted to chew on your pipes in the future.

2. Use Drain Covers

No one wants to live with a dirty pet. Many homeowners bathe their animals regularly to ensure cleanliness and maintain pet health. While a bathing routine is important, it can also contribute to plumbing problems if you aren't careful.

Clogs are among the most common types of plumbing issues that homeowners complain about. Most clogs are caused by hair- and it doesn't have to be human hair. Your pet will shed hair, fur, and dander during bath time. When you use a drain cover, you can prevent the fur and hair from going down the drain and contributing to the creation of a clog.

3. Deter Digging

If you let your dog roam freely in the backyard, you could be at risk of developing a serious plumbing problem. This is especially true if your dog likes to dig.

Plumbing and sewage lines run below the surface of your property. Some of these lines are not buried very deep. This means that your dog could potentially dig his or her way to a pipe, exposing the pipe to serious damage.

You can avoid a ruptured pipe in your backyard by deterring your dog from digging. Make sure your pet is monitored when spending time outside, and work with a trainer to redirect digging tendencies. For more information, contact a plumbing contractor in your area.