Finding the Right Commercial Snow Removal Company for You

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If you live in an area of the country that sees heavy snowfall, it's imperative you have a snow removal system set up for your place of business. Not only can heavy snow accumulations cause damage to your building, such as collapsing your roof, but it can also create a liability. When parking lots and sidewalks aren't regularly cleared of snow and ice, the potential for your customers to suffer slip and fall accident increases.  

Unless you have both the equipment and the time, most business owners need to hire out a commercial snow removal company. Here are the important things to ask and look for when hiring a service.

How Quickly Can They Get The Job Done?

Obviously, a snow removal company is going to have more than one client, and how many clients they can service depends in large part on how much equipment they have. But as a business owner, you need a company that is going to be responsive to your needs. Your primary concern should be how quickly the snow removal company is going to get there after a storm. Of course, all of their clients are going to want the job done right away and before their business opens for the day. Ask prospective snow removal companies if they have the equipment and personnel to get your job consistently done in a turnaround time that works for you.

Do They Have Insurance?

It's not uncommon, especially in snow belts, for anyone who has a truck to put up a shingle and offer their snow removal services. Many homeowners are happy these people exist because they aren't able to shovel the massive amounts of snow they receive or climb up on the roof and remove the snow and ice themselves. For commercial properties, though, a business owner is best going through a licensed and insured professional snow removal company. In the event anything happens, whether it be damage to your parking lot or the snow removal employee getting injured while on the job, your interests will be better protected.

What Services Do They Offer?

Perhaps you only require your parking lot to be plowed, but most businesses need more. You may need to have the lot deiced. You probably have pathways or sidewalks that need to be shoveled by hand. If you have a flat roof and live in a snow belt region, you might require regular roof snow removal services. Choose a company that offers the service you need.