Boiler Assessment Tips For Homeowners

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Running a boiler system for heat is a great way to keep your home comfortable through the winter. However, like other heating systems, boilers are not immune to problems. Whether it's problems with the tubing or a catastrophic issue requiring a new installation, you need to know what to watch for. Here are a few things that you should be attentive to as you monitor your boiler's operation.

What Do You Smell?

Your boiler system should never really emit any kind of noticeable odor. The ventilation system in the boiler is designed in such a way that odors shouldn't reach your home. If you are starting to smell anything unusual or foul around your boiler system, that's a key sign of trouble.

It could mean that the boiler system is leaking gas, and what you're smelling is the additive that creates the odor to make gas leaks noticeable. Or, it could be that the system's ventilation unit isn't functioning the way it should, so the boiler is exhausting into the house. Either situation is dangerous, and needs the services of a boiler installation and repair technician.

What Do You See?

When you take the time to evaluate the condition of the boiler, you should be looking for any visual clues of issues as well. Look for any beginning stages of rust, wear, or other damage. Further, monitor all of the tube fittings and the area around the boiler for visible water. If your boiler is leaking, it could be the tank itself or it could be the tubing. You can have the tubing replaced by itself if those connections are starting to leak. Retubing is a fairly simple repair, but you'll want a professional to do it so you know it's done safely and correctly.

What Do You Feel?

Your boiler should be producing consistent temperatures in the water at all times. You should monitor that water temperature regularly. If you notice that your water is hotter or cooler during some periods, or if the temperature fluctuates, that's a sign that your boiler is failing. You'll want to talk with an installation contractor about the possibility of replacement.

What Do You Hear?

Any time you're down near your boiler, be attentive to the sounds around you. While every boiler makes some noise in operation, if you start hearing unusual sounds, such as banging or knocking, that may indicate that your system has sediment accumulation in it. Left untreated, this can damage your boiler. You'll need to call a technician to flush and inspect it.

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