Tips For Properly Storing Your Stud Welding Equipment

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If you have recently started using stud welding equipment for metal fabrication projects, you may wonder if there is anything special you need to do when you are finished using it. If so, below are a few tips for properly storing your stud welder and accessories to keep them in optimal condition.

Turn Off and Unplug the Welder before Storing

Before you store your stud welding machine, make sure you have turned the power switch to off. While this may seem like common sense, it can be easy to forget to do this important step after working all day and wanting to close up shop quickly.

If you forget to turn the welder off, you risk burning yourself the next time you need to use it. If you plug in a welder that is already switched on, you may inadvertently hold on to the electrode rod and cause yourself injury. Make it a habit to switch off the machine before you unplug it.

Loosely Coil the Power Cord

After unplugging the welder, coil the power cord to keep someone from tripping over it. However, do not wind the power cord tightly.

When you coil the cord tightly, you run the risk of bending or breaking the wires inside. Since this type of welder works primarily on electricity, a broken wire could make a spark that may arc towards your electrode. Depending on the amount of electricity arcing, at best you may receive a shock. At worst, however, you could electrocute yourself.

As you are coiling the cord, loop it over your hand so that it hangs loosely. Then gently tie the cord together with a piece of fabric or rag so that it does not crimp the cord.

Store Electrode Rods Upright

Once you have prepared your welder for storage, turn your attention to the electrode rods. After giving them sufficient time to fully cool, store them in an upright position or use a case provided by the manufacturer.

Never place the rods in a downward position while storing them. If the tips become scratched or dented, your welds will most likely become uneven. Or electricity could arc from the damaged areas, which could burn or shock you.

Using the above tips when storing your stud welding equipment can help ensure that it stays intact and in good working order for when you are ready to use it again. For more information about storing and using your equipment, contact your supplier.