Have A Basic Landscape? Get Help From Growing Trees To Complement Features

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When some people buy a home, they move in with the landscape being complete. All they need to do is keep up with routine maintenance to enjoy a beautiful landscape. But, you may have moved into a home with a basic landscape that is waiting for work to be done. If you want to start adding features to the backyard, you should think about adding complementary plants.

Hiring a tree service company will make sure that you are able to grow trees that look incredible in your yard and mesh well with all the outdoor features that you add over time.


Adding a water fountain to your backyard can provide you with relaxing sounds. When you want to relax on your patio furniture or in a hammock, you will enjoy listening to the water trickling. Depending on how the fountain is set up, you may even attract birds to your property. These birds may end up bathing in the water or getting a bit to drink before heading on their way.

If you want to minimize water evaporation for the fountain, you will want to add trees that provide sufficient shade coverage. You may even want to prioritize trees that do not drop much debris to avoid a situation in which the fountain gets filled up with leaves and seeds often. The birds may also appreciate the shelter from the sun while spending time at your water fountain.


Building a patio is a major project that requires careful planning. If you intend to create plans for the patio before adding trees, you want to make sure these trees do not cause problems. You will appreciate having tree service professionals look at the area where the patio will be built.

This is when you can feel confident about experts picking from trees with strong branches to reduce the risk of breakage as well as non-invasive roots to prevent structural issues.


When you want to add a pool to your property, you may want to do everything that you can to make it easy to clean. Not having any trees is an easy way to accomplish this goal, but you may want to add shade to certain areas of the pool to enjoy swimming without being in the sun. A tree service company can help you pick from a list of trees that will provide thick coverage.

Adding trees is an easy way to spruce up your backyard and complement new features. For more information, contact a company like Pete & Ron's Tree Service, Inc.