3 Tips For Beginners Pruning Shrubs

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Trees are not the only things in your yard that need to be pruned. The shrubs or bushes in your yard also need to be pruned to promote healthy growth. Before you start pruning the shrubs in your yard, it helps to know how to prune the shrubs in your yard.

What to Prune With

When you are pruning a shrub, you are not pruning something that is large. You can easily prune your shrubs with some anvil pruners or bypass loppers. If you have really developed and thick branches on a really large shrub, you may need a hacksaw, but it shouldn't be necessary for most of your pruning efforts.

What to Cut

Next, you need to know what branches to cut. When you prune, you want to first focus on cutting branches that are dead or damaged. After you remove the dead and damaged branches, you can focus on thinning branches in areas where they are too thick. You can also focus on shaping the bush if you want it to remain a particular size.

Where to Cut

When you prune your bushes, you want to make sure that you are careful and precise with your cuts. You want to make a cut just above the branch collar. The branch color is the space right next to where the branch meets with the main trunk. At this space, there is a little ring of bumpy tissue; you want to make a cut right above this little bumpy ring.

By cutting above this bumpy ring, you will provide your shrubs with the best chance to heal the cuts that you are making.

When you cut, make sure that you cut at the right angle as well. Don't make a flat-topped cut that faces upward. Flat-top cuts increase the change of the incision becoming infected before it heals and closes.

Instead, you want to make the cut at a nice forty-five-degree angle. This will allow water to slid off the incision and will help prevent your shrub from developing an infection while the cut heals up.

As you prune your shrubs, focus on making nice, clean cuts. Make sure that you don't go overboard with your cuts as well. You don't want to shock your shrub by pruning away too much at once. You should not prune more than half the branches away at once. You can always come back and further shape your shrubs over time to the desired shape that you want.  

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