3 Things Every Road Construction Site Needs

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If you are in the road construction business, or you are a construction contractor, you understand how important it is to have the right equipment in order to get the job done. Besides having the right tools and equipment, there are some other things you should never go without while working onsite. Here are three things every road construction site needs.

1. Portable Toilets

Those in the road construction business know how long it takes to either build a new road or make repairs to one. Because road construction workers can work for several hours a day on one site, it's always a good idea to have portable toilets available for your construction crew.

Since the average person needs to use the bathroom between 6 and 7 times in a 24-hour period, there is a pretty good chance the people on your crew will need to use the restroom at least a couple of times during the workday.

2. Roll Off Containers/Heavy Debris Dumpsters

While on the road construction site, you and your crew are going to be creating a lot of disposable waste. A few convenient ways to safely get rid of all that waste is to use either a roll off container, a heavy debris dumpster, or both. These large containers are often used on construction sites because they can both be used to contain large amounts of debris.

Roll off containers can be used for construction debris, metal, and wood. Heavy debris dumpsters can be used for clean concrete as well as heavy materials, such as brick and asphalt. For added convenience and safety, most dumpster rental services will pick up the debris and haul it away for you.

3. Traffic Control Signage

It's very important while working on a road construction site to let drivers be aware that there is construction happening. Not only is this done for their safety, but also for the safety of the construction workers as well. Some examples of traffic control signage include signs that say:

In order to make these signs more visible, they are usually bright orange with black lettering. Most companies that offer traffic control rental services also rent out traffic cones, construction barrels, and other types of objects to help control traffic during road construction.

Whether it's portable toilets, disposal services, or traffic control rental signage, these items will provide convenience and safety for you and your road construction crew.