About The Problems Of A Main Sewer Line

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Did you end up with wastewater flooding your house after all of the plumbing fixtures became clogged up at once? The problems with your plumbing fixtures points to the main sewer line possibly being in bad shape. Several things can cause the main sewer line to become backed up, and a professional can likely resolve the problem in a timely manner. Take a look at this article to learn about a few of the tins that might need to be done to free up your sewer line.

The Inside of the Sewer Line Will Be Inspected

One of the services that a contractor might have to perform to get to the bottom of the sewer line problem is an inspection. The inspection will likely be done by way of an articulating borescope, which will allow him or her to see what's going on in the sewer line. He or she will look for debris, but will pay close attention to any tree roots that are growing in the line. It might be suggested that you get trees near the sewer line cut down if they causing sewer line problems. Cutting the trees down can prevent future sewer line problems from their roots growing.

Snaking the Sewer Line Might Be Done

If the contractor does not feel as though the main sewer line is too full of debris, he or she might resolve the problem by using a snake. A snake is great for cleaning out a sewer line because it can wiggle all around, loosening up debris. However, sometimes a more powerful method of sewer cleaning is necessary, such as if there are tree roots in the line.

The Power of Jetting Equipment Might Be Needed

If there is a large amount of debris in the sewer line, a contractor will likely have to use jetting equipment to clean it out. Jetting equipment is a lot more powerful than a snake because it can actually break up tree roots and other hard items. The equipment is also ideal because it sprays the inside of the line with a powerful blast of water. Basically, the water creates enough pressure to push debris out of the sewer line.

The Sewer Line is Possibly Damaged Beyond Repair

If it possible that there are numerous large cracks in the main sewer line that has allowed dirt to build up inside of it. The dirt blocks the flow of wastewater, which leads to plumbing fixtures backing up in your house. Although certain types of cracks can be sealed up, a contractor might not be able to seal up a lot of large cracks. A new sewer line will likely need to be installed in such a case.