3 Signs You Should Install A Battery-Powered Backup Sump Pump

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As of right now, your family might depend on your sump pump to keep water out of your basement. Even though it might have always done a good job, however, it might be smart to consider installing a battery-powered backup sump pump. These sump pumps do not use electricity, so they still work when the power goes out, and they can pop on automatically when your regular sump pump fails to do its job. These are a few signs that it might be smart to install one of these in your home.

1. You Live in an Area with Frequent Power Outages

Do you live in an area with frequent power outages? If so, it's smart to consider installing a battery-powered backup sump pump. In fact, the cause of the power outage could actually be the cause of the flooding in your basement if you don't have a battery-powered backup sump pump; for example, if you live in a place where hurricanes are frequent, you have to worry about both trees falling on power lines and heavy torrential rains causing flooding in the basement. In an area where these types of storms or other major storms that cause power outages are common, a battery-powered backup sump pump is a must have.

2. Your Sump Pump is Older

If your sump pump is an older model but is still doing the job as intended, you may want to continue using it until you can't anymore. Even though there is nothing wrong with using a sump pump after its projected life span as long as it works properly, you should still be prepared for it to give out on you without any notice. By installing a battery-powered backup sump pump, you can help ensure that you are ready when this does happen -- and that you have a backup until you are able to get together the money and have a new sump pump installed in your home.

3. Your Sump Pump Has Failed Before

If you have ever dealt with a failed sump pump, you know just how much of a mess it can cause. A sump pump failure can cause expensive property damage, so if you have ever been through this, you may gain peace of mind from installing a battery-powered backup sump pump. Then, you don't have to worry about the same problem happening again any time soon.

It's never a bad idea to install a battery-powered backup sump pump, but if any of these three things apply to you, it's definitely smart to do so. Consider talking to a sump pump installation professional to find out more about installing one of these battery-powered systems.

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