How To Choose The Right Shower Enclosure For Your Bathroom

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A shower is arguably the most important part of a bathroom, and if you're redesigning or remodeling yours, you'll want to pay special attention to your shower enclosure. That said, there are more than a few options available to the average consumer, and choosing one that's the best fit for your bathroom can be difficult. So keep reading below for some ideas on how you can feel confident in choosing the best shower enclosure for your new space.

For Smaller Bathrooms

Not every bathroom offers a great deal of room. In fact, the smallest spaces may not even allow for a hinged or pivot door that swings out into the greater bathroom space. Fortunately, even if you find yourself in this position, your options are far from limited. Many people with smaller bathrooms choose to install an enclosure with a sliding door, or one that swings inwards into the shower. Both of these options are invaluable when space is at a premium.

For a Modern Look

If a traditionally styled enclosure is just too plain for you, have no fear—there are quite a few options to satisfy your inner designer. If you're going for a more open floor plan, a walk-in enclosure might be just for you. Rather than separate the shower area using a door, a walk-in enclosure utilizes panels positioned at multiple angles to create a simple and sleek shower area. If you want something even more minimalist, divider panels offer an ultra modern, frameless solution that is an increasingly popular choice for larger bathrooms.

For More Privacy

While divider panels and walk-in enclosures may offer a host of aesthetic benefits, what they can't offer is privacy. So if privacy—not looks—is at the top of your list, consider a glass block enclosure. Glass blocks can be arranged in a virtually limitless number of ways, and can be customized further with regards to thickness and even color. Most importantly, glass blocks offer complete privacy, even if someone else is using the bathroom.

If you're set on something a little more space-saving than glass blocks, though, you might want to opt for a frosted glass panel. Unlike regular transparent glass, frosted glass doesn't allow those on the outside to see everything on the other side—just a distorted outline. Regardless of which option you end up going with, you can rest assured your privacy will be protected.

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