3 Tips To Help You Deal With A Basement Water Problem Before You Remodel

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When you are planning on remodeling your home, there may be unfinished space in the basement you want to take advantage of. Unfortunately, this is often an area of the home that has water problems; especially if it has been previously unfinished. Before you begin a basement finishing project, you will want to address any of these water issues. Here are some tips to help you deal with any problems you have in your basement:   

1. Addressing The Exterior Drainage Problems Causing Leaks

Interior water problems may start from problems on the exterior of your home. Drainage issues around your home can cause static water pressure from ground water, which can eventually lead to cracks and other foundation damage. Address problems like poor landscape watershed and drainage from things like gutters. Consider adding drain pipes to deal with any drainage issues and have them go to a dry-well to contain runoff away from your home's foundation. 

2. Repairing Cracks And Damage To Foundation Walls

There are also problems that you may have with the foundation of your home. Over time, pressure and plain wear-and-tear can cause cracks and other damage to foundation walls. If the damage causes waterproofing to fail, it can lead to leaks in the basement and moisture problems. You will want to do any repairs to things like cracks and other foundation damage that may be found in the basement of your home. You may also want to consider an interior drainage system, which will help with any excess water that can get into your basement from natural causes such as condensation on exterior walls.   

3. Upgrading And Improving Basement Waterproofing To Keep Water Out

There are also upgrades that you may want to consider for things like waterproofing in your basement. The old asphalt waterproofing can sometimes dry and crack and be the source of leaks and other problems. When you have repairs done, talk to the basement waterproofing contractor about newer waterproofing membranes and layered systems to give your foundation more protection from water problems. There are also systems that have an extra layer of material that help divert static pressure away from the foundation to prevent structural damage that can lead to water problems and other serious issues.

These are some tips to help you deal with any water problems you may have in your basement. If you are ready to start renovating your basement, contact a basement waterproofing contractor (such as one from Sohan and Sons) to get help sealing up any leaks before you start.