Three Simple Maintenance Jobs That Can Extend The Life Of Your Garage Door

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While it's a smart idea to hire a garage door repair service when you're facing a major problem with the door, you can feel confident to handle some smaller maintenance tasks related to the door. Performing a series of small jobs when they're needed -- there's no suggested timeline for these jobs because their need is dictated by the condition of your specific door -- can ensure that the door works properly and that it lasts as long as possible. These three maintenance jobs require a combination of tools that you likely have at home and some specialized items that you can easily purchase at your local home supply store.

Moving Parts Lubrication

A door that has its moving parts regularly lubricated will be easier to operate and less likely to require a repair job. A standard household spray lubricant and a rag are all you'll need for this job. Use the provided straw on the can of lubricant to improve your precision and spray the substance in each of the hinges around the door. Identify the rollers along the sides of the doors and add a little lubricant to the center of each. Wipe up any overflow with the rag to keep the job tidy, and then open and close the door multiple times to allow the lubricant to spread around and sink in.

Weatherstripping Replacement

When your garage door is open, check the condition of the weatherstripping that runs along the door's lower edge. If it's frayed or split, it's no longer doing its job. Water will now not only enter your garage, but can also begin to corrode or rot the bottom of the garage door. Reduce this risk with a weatherstripping replacement kit. First, use a utility knife to cut the old strip out of its bracket and cut the new one to length. Then, feed the new one into the bracket from either side. It's ideal to have a helper for this job; one person can push the stripping and the other can pull it.

Dent Repair

If the outside of your garage door has developed dents over the years, these are a concern. With aluminum doors, dents typically mean that there's a chip in the paint and that can lead to corrosion that damages the door's finish. Fix the problem by sanding off any flaky paint, filling the dent with putty from an aluminum filler kit, sanding your work clean and then repainting the affected area or the entire door.