Open Up A Cramped Kitchen With These 4 Remodeling Ideas

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Whether you've purchased a smaller home with a compact kitchen or your family has grown larger and you outgrew the kitchen as a result, you may be stumped on what to do next. Cooking in a cramped kitchen can feel uncomfortable and may deter family members from joining in while preparing meals, leading to one person handling all the cooking. If knocking down walls to expand the kitchen is not an option, consider some of the following remodeling ideas to help open up the space so that your kitchen is a joy to cook in.

Stay Away from Darker Colors

An easy way to make the kitchen appear larger is to paint the room with light colors, such as a vibrant yellow or pale green. Dark colors can be bold and make a statement, but they can often lead to a room feeling much smaller as a result. Not only should this be taken into consideration when painting the walls, but also when choosing the colors for backsplashes, cabinetry, and even accents such as rugs.

Avoid Ceiling Height Cabinets

Additional storage through taller cabinets can seem appealing, but they actually be a poor idea if your kitchen feels cramped. Taller cabinets can make the ceiling appear shorter, leading the room feeling much smaller than if there is some space left between the top cabinet and the ceiling. To make up for the loss of storage with shorter cabinets, consider getting a pantry put in nearby.

Move the Range Hood Higher

Many older homes have large range hoods, often giving the room some character that looks appealing, but can make the space look smaller as a result. Instead of getting rid of a range hood entirely or replacing it, consider moving it higher up on the walls and adjusting the cabinetry accordingly. With this simple relocation of the range hood, you can have a kitchen that looks larger as a result.

Finish Off the Kitchen with Details

An easy way to improve the way that your kitchen looks and even improve the illusion of space is through extra details. This could include anything from new lighting fixtures to rugs and hardware on the cabinets. Focusing on brightness and smaller sizes can help work in favor of expanding the size of the kitchen.

With the above tips in mind, you can make your kitchen look much larger and avoid any expensive construction work. For more information, contact companies like Countertops & Laminated Specialties Inc.