4 Tips To Help You Enjoy Hardwood Flooring In The Master Bathroom

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While tile flooring remains the most popular choice of flooring for use in bathrooms, it may not provide the dramatic statement you want or match with the rest of your home. With this in mind, you may be drawn more to hardwood flooring due to its sophisticated appearance, ease of care, and durability. While hardwood flooring has a number of great benefits, it is vital that you keep in mind the challenges that can come with the use of hardwood flooring in a bathroom.

Before getting started with installing hardwood floors in your master bathroom, consider some of the following tips.

Get Professional Insight Towards the Quality of Your Floors

The current floors in your bathroom can provide a lot of insight towards how ready you are getting hardwood floors or even complications that can arise during installation. For example, if the ground is uneven, it could lead to the hardwood not lying flat. Along with making sure the ground is even, you also want to look into if there are signs of moisture damage underneath so that your master bathroom is as prepared as possible for the new hardwood.

Make Sure You Get the Right Sealing

A necessary way to protect the flooring in your master bathroom is getting the sealing done. What sealing does to hardwood is protect the flooring from excessive moisture, helping keep the flooring and the ground underneath since there is typically a lot of water in the bathroom.

When considering your choices for sealing, make sure to focus on sealing such as what is used in a gym or on a boat deck since it is the most resistant against water.

Protect the Floors from Moisture with Absorbent Rugs

While sealing the hardwood can go a long way towards protecting your hardwood flooring, you should take extra measures such as using an absorbent rug next to the shower or sink to help catch any spilled water.

Install a Ventilation Fan to Prevent Moisture

One of the easiest ways to prevent moisture in the bathroom is getting a ventilation fan instead. With one of these fans installed, you can prevent water damage to the flooring, while prevent mildew from ever becoming an issue.

Hardwood flooring can look and function great in a master bathroom, but only if you take the extra measures necessary to make sure that they will stay in good condition and won't cause mildew or other water damage issues. For more information, view http://www.carrollfloor.com.