3 Symptoms Of Well Pump Problems

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When you live in an area that is not connected to a municipal water system, your home probably uses water from a well. Wells of today are a lot different than wells of the past-- they are much more complicated and utilize electricity and several different parts to ensure that a home has easy, continually access to running water from any faucet in the house. It is possible for a residential well to have issues, and in many cases if there is a problem it may be related to the well pump. Signs that your well pump is in need of repair or service include: 

Sudden Loss of Water Pressure

Poor water pressure is a classic sign of a well pump issue that needs to be repaired. This is typically a result of a problem with the motor of the well pump, which prevents it from pumping water at the proper rate to maintain the right water pressure. It is also possible for water pressure problems to be more subtle with a well pump problem, but it is important to call a professional if you notice any change of water pressure when you receive water from a well- the last thing you want is to ignore the issue and end up having to replace your well pump.

A Mixture of Air and Water Come Out of the Faucet

If you turn on a faucet only to have a blast of water and air come out, your well pump is probably not positioned properly. This can happen when the water table shifts, resulting in a lower water level in the well. When your pump is not completely submerged in water, it will begin taking in air, which will get stuck in the pipes and come out when you turn on a faucet to get water. A company that provides well pump services can easily re-position your well pump so it is completely underwater, thus eliminating the problem.

High Electricity Bill

A number of issues, such as problems with the well pump sensor or a bad motor switch, can cause a well pump to run continuously. You may not immediately notice that your well pump is always running, but your electric bills will likely reflect this activity. If you receive a much higher than normal electric bill despite not having a marked change in how you use appliances, air conditioning, or electric heating, it is a good idea to have your well pump checked out and repaired (click here for info about that).