3 Great Ways To Baby Proof Your Fireplace

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Just because you have a baby doesn't mean that you can't still use and enjoy your fireplace. You have a few different modification options that you can choose from and implement in order to make your fireplace a functional, yet safe location. This article will discuss 3 great ways to baby proof your fireplace. 

1. Round The Corners 

The hearth that sits out in front of your fireplace can be very harmful to babies. They may hurt themselves if they trip and fall and hit an edge, or they may cut themselves on the sharp corners. In order to get rid of this risk entirely, you can have the corners of your hearth rounded. You can either have the entire hearth replaced for one that is prefabricated with rounded corners, or you can have guards added to your hearth that create softer corners. Both are great options, but replacing the hearth will be much more expensive than adding hearth guards. 

2. Build A Gate

If you don't like the idea of having your baby anywhere near the fireplace, then you can have a gate built around it. This can either be a permanent structure that is built into the actual mantle and hearth of your fireplace, or it can be a removable gate that you can put up and take down when you would like. A metal gate is a great option for a fireplace because it is not only strong and secure enough to stop a baby, but you also don't have to worry about it catching fire or melting, like you would with wood or plastic. Just make sure that if your gate does have some sort of opening that it also has a secure lock in place to stop your baby from getting in. 

3. Install Fireplace Door Locks 

The glass doors on your fireplace can be appealing for babies, and they may try to open them to get inside. Obviously you don't want your baby to be able to touch the hot glass when the fire is going, so the gate is as great way to stop them. However, when you aren't using your fireplace, it is a great idea to have some fireplace door locks installed. These locks will make it so that your child can't open the fireplace and try to climb inside. Door locks are metal bars that go over the top and bottom of your door handles and then lock together. 

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