3 Services To Protect Your Restaurant Against Fire Damage

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Do you own or run a restaurant? If so, you likely understand the very real and significant threat that fire poses to your business. With open flames and grease waste in the kitchen, you have a dangerous combination that could ignite a large fire in a matter of seconds. That can obviously be dangerous for your restaurant, but it can also cost you a lot of money in the form of high insurance premiums. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to both limit the risk of fire and to manage your insurance premiums. Here are three services your restaurant needs to use to mitigate fire risk:

Kitchen suppression systems. Your restaurant may have a sprinkler system and you may think that's sufficient. However, in a kitchen environment, a sprinkler may not help much. In fact, it could make things worse. That's because your fire will likely be generating from grease or from an incredibly hot surface. Water may not do much to suppress a fire that's already extremely hot. And water can actually increase the size of the fire if it's mixed with grease.

Instead, look into a kitchen suppression system. Instead of simply releasing water, a fire suppression releases special chemicals that cool the nearby surfaces, eliminate grease, and suppress the flames. That allows the fire to stay in a confined area until emergency services can arrive.

Extinguisher services. You may think that simply having an extinguisher in your kitchen is good enough. However, what if the extinguisher is nearly empty when the fire breaks out? What if your employees don't know how to use it quickly? What if the extinguisher is way too small for the fire?

For a small fee, an extinguisher service will eliminate all these uncertainties. They check the levels of your extinguishers and train your employees on how to use them. They also make sure that your extinguishers are appropriate for the size of your kitchen.

Fire alarm monitoring. A grease fire can spread in seconds. Even if you notice it quickly, your first instinct may be to get your staff and customers out of the restaurant. By the time you exit the building, get to safety, and call the fire department, it may be too late to save the building. That's where fire alarm monitoring services come in. They remotely connect to your fire alarm. When the alarm goes off, they contact the fire department within seconds. That means the fire department is already on their way as you're getting your team and your customers to safety.

For more information, contact a fire alarm monitoring company. They can help you determine which services you most need to manager your fire risk.