How To Install A Drum Warmer

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If you must keep the contents of a drum heated to a particular temperature, you will need a drum warmer. But you will need to make sure the drum warmer is implemented properly to make sure you do not create any hazards.

Choose the Right Size

Before you purchase a drum heater, make sure that the heater is designed to fit around your specific drum. Do not use the heater until after you have inspected it and verified that it does not have any damage. Make sure that the surface area that will be heated also does not have any damage that will interfere with the operation.

Inspect the Area

Make sure that the area where the drum will be installed is clean and is not damaged. The drum should be placed on an even surface. The heater should be placed at the bottom of the drum. The heater itself is wrapped around the drum. Make sure there are no gaps between the heater and the drum.

The area should also be free from vibrations, excessive heat or chemical hazards that can damage either the heater or the drum. The heater must never by immersed in liquid because this can cause an electrical hazard. Therefore, if a drum needs to be submerged in a liquid for whatever reason and also needs to be heated, an alternative method must be used.

Use the Right Voltage

Drum heaters are designed to work at specific voltages. Therefore, you will want to find out the exact voltage required for your drum heater by looking at the owner's manual. If you do not operate the heater at the correct voltage, you will damage the heater itself and possibly its contents.

After you have plugged the drum heater in, you might notice some problems with the device. For example, it may not heat at all. This is most often caused by not using an outlet with the proper voltage. But if the outlet does have the proper voltage, make sure that the outlet has power using an ohm meter.

Clean the Heater

Sometimes something can splash on the heater. You will need to unplug it and allow it to cool off. Then, use a household cleaner that does not use silicone to clean the heater.

Install a Sensor

You will need to attach a temperature sensor that will track the temperature of the drum. The sensor needs to be placed on the outside of the drum as close to the heater as possible. Then, the sensor needs to be connected with an adhesive tape. Then, your heater will be able to keep the contents of the drum at the appropriate temperature.

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