Do's And Don'ts: How To Keep Your New Laminate Floors Beautiful

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Laminate flooring can be inexpensive and beautiful, but only when properly maintained. If you've recently had new laminate floors put into your home, it can be easy to accidentally damage them if you don't know the right steps to follow. Here are a few laminate maintenance do's and don'ts to get you started.

Don't: Apply Wood Polish

Since laminate floors closely resemble wood, it makes sense that wood polish would get them looking nice and shiny, right?. Unfortunately, wood polishes are made to soak into the floor, and they can't do this on a laminate surface. The result is the opposite of what you'd expect: your floor will look duller than ever.

Do: Dry Mop To Make Floors Shine

The real key to a shiny laminate floor is keeping it clean. Laminate flooring is coated in a layer of clear aluminum, which protects the underlying wood grain and the particle board beneath it. The natural gloss of this aluminum layer will dull over time due to dirt and scuffing in heavy traffic areas. Weekly dry mopping can remove this layer of dirt and keep the floors looking clean and shiny.

Don't: Clean With Powerful Chemicals

Harsh soaps and cleaners like bleach can actually etch into the top layer of your laminate floor, giving it permanent marks every time you use them to clean. Other strong soaps won't damage the floor at first, but will leave behind a scummy residue which can dull your laminate and also etch into it over time.

Do: Use Water And Gentle Cleaners

Cleaning laminate floors takes plenty of water, since your soaps need to be diluted before application. Baby soap, vinegar, and mineral spirits can all be added to your mop bucket in small amounts. Make sure that the water and cleaner is evenly mixed to prevent streaks. You should also avoid colored soaps, since these may leave dye on your floors.

Do: Try Alcohol On Tough Stains

Laminate floors aren't easy to stain, but the occasional nail polish drip or ink spot is unavoidable. To help keep your floors looking pristine, keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol handy in your cleaning cabinet. Just apply a little alcohol to the stain and gently scrub with a cloth. This will loosen most stains, and it'll also disinfect your flooring. Best of all, alcohol dries incredibly quickly, so you don't have to dry the floor afterwards.

Laminate flooring can be even more glossy and beautiful than natural wood, if it's maintained well. With a little luck and a little effort, your floors will last you a good 30 years.

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