Three Situations When You May Need The Help Of A Land Surveyor For Your Property

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If you have a home with an amount of terrain that does not have distinct property lines, you may need to have the help of a land surveyor for several situations. This can be because you are going to install fence on your property, wells for water and anything that you want to ensure will not be interfering with other properties. Here are some of the things that you may want to have the help of a land surveyor with:

1. Installing Fencing On Property Boards

You may need to have a fence for several reasons: to keep cattle fenced in, for domestic animals such as dogs, or just to add security to your property. If there is not a clearly defined boarder for your property, a surveyor can help you to find your property lines. They can also help with locating easements to ensure that your fence does not interfere with other properties, utility services or other things that make cause a problem once you have built your fence.

2. Dividing Parcels Of Land To Sell

If you have a large property, for one reason or another you may want to divide the parcels of land. This may be to sell the property later, which the land surveyor can mark the different parcels. This is often something that needs to be done if you are going to build several houses on one property, or if there are different structures in separate areas of your property.  The land surveyor can even help with mapping out roads for later development of your property, as well as any infrastructure that may need to be installed before building on parcels of land.

3. Topographical Mapping For Agricultural Purposes

If you have agricultural property, it is important to know your assets such as fields, water sources and terrain. This is something that a surveyor can help you with. They can create topographical maps to help manage your property better. This can be great for large properties that have many different management needs such as agriculture, forestry and cattle. These maps can even be used to create emergency plans for remote areas.

These are some of the things that you may want to have the help of a land surveyor with. If you are planning to start one of these types of projects, contact a land surveying service to have your property lines clearly marked.