Light Versus Dark Colored Roofs: Which Is Best For You?

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When designing a home or installing a new roof on your current home, you may wonder, "What color should I choose for my roof"? There are a few factors to consider, because it's not always a decision based on your favorite color. Having a light or dark colored roof does matter for certain homes. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before deciding if a light or dark roof is best for your home.

What Climate Do You Live In?

The climate you live in is very important when you are deciding on your roof. Light shingles are known for reflecting light and keeping your home cooler. This will help your air conditioning bill from getting too high. This is important to consider if you live in places like Texas and Florida.

Dark shingles, on the other hand, absorb heat, which might not be a problem if you live in a cooler climate or one that sees a lot of snow in the winter months. When your roof retains heat, it can help melt the snow off your roof faster, a plus when it comes to going to work and school after a snow day. You may want to put thought into this if you live in places like New York or Boston.

What Color or Style is Your House?

The color of your house is an essential piece of the puzzle. The style is also something you may want to consider when choosing a roof color. If your house has bricks, wood, stone, or stucco, the colors used will affect the color of roof you go for. 

For example, if your house is painted gray, white, or blue, a darker roof like slate gray or black would be appropriate. If your home is a more earthy color like tan, brown, or pink, you might want to go for a roof in the brown color spectrum. Homes with the most wiggle room are those painted yellow, red, or green. These homes allow for a choice of brown, black, or gray. 

The style or statement you are going for should be considered. If you want something that is timeless, select a neutral color such as a tan, brown, black, or gray. These colors never go out of style and will be a better choice if you ever decide to sell. If you want to feel more modern and trendy, try using vivacious color combinations. Try a neutral base color and a brighter color for accents. 

If you'd like to know if you should purchase a light or dark roof, ask yourself  what works best in your climate. Also consider the color and style you'd like to have for your home. These questions should steer you in the right direction.