Guide to the Most Fragrant and Aromatic Garden Space for Your Yard

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There is something very rewarding about creating a garden space that smells fragrant and wonderful all summer long. The pleasant aroma brings a whole new facet to the visually captivating garden, and can be stimulating and inspiring. Furthermore, you can have everything needed at your fingertips to create beautiful and aromatic arrangements all season long!

Grow your own fragrant garden with these tips:


Flowers bring a colorful, charming quality to a yard or green-space, and there are some resilient, hardy perennials that you can plant for a bounty of beauty. Choose some flowers that will permeate the air with a luscious, sweet fragrance and you may never want to come inside!

Some aromatic flowers that are easy to grow in most regions include:


Shrubs bring privacy to a space, and can also provide a pleasing border for gardens or yard features. You may be surprised to learn that there are some types of shrubs that will offer a fragrant smell and that can bring a whole new element to your yard displays.

Try planting these aromatic shrubs:


You may not think of trees when looking for fragrant plants for the yard. The truth is, there are some easy-to-grow, hardy trees that offer a distinct and succulent aroma to your property. Some great examples of fragrant trees include lemon-scented Bottlebrush, Tea Crabapple, and Japanese Snowbell.

Climbing Plants and Vines

Climbing plants and vines make excellent privacy borders when used on a trellis or fence, and they can create a serene garden feature when used near an overhead structure or patio. These hardy plants may be chosen for their colors or season, but you may also want to look for those climbers that offer a pleasant smell, too.

Look for these uniquely scented climbers:


Another option when planting a fragrant flower bed is to implement fresh herbs. These fill the space with rich green color, while scenting the air and providing an endless supply of herbs for your cooking. Some great kinds to try include chives, rosemary, ad mint; snip a few when preparing meals, or tuck them in bouquets—herbs are  wonderful garden addition!

A garden that looks beautiful is only rivaled by one that smells fantastic. Use these tips to plant your own fragrant garden bed, and enjoy the scents and sights of your yard all summer long. For more information, contact Randles Landscape & Design.