4 Ways To Get An Upscale Bathroom On A Tight Budget

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Does your bathroom look dated? Do you want to renovate it but lack the budget needed to do so? You don't have to do a complete overhaul to get a fresh look. Often, just upgrading accents or certain elements of the room are enough give a bathroom a new design. Figure out your budget and then target areas that will have the most aesthetic impact. Here are four ideas to consider to help you redesign your bathroom on a tight budget:

1. Focus on accents rather than big elements. Often people want to start their renovation by replacing the shower or ripping up the sink and counter. That kind of work can be expensive, though. Instead, focus on the accents. You can usually mask dated elements by updating all of the accents and smaller elements. Get high-end towels and a stylish shower curtain. A more contemporary rain showerhead can give your shower a completely new look and feel. Look for new lighting fixtures and drawer handles. See how those changes improve the room before you commit to a complete remodel.

2. Shop for granite remnant. If you have a small counter, it may not be too expensive to install new granite. Most granite dealers have something on-hand called granite remnant. That's the piece that's left over when a shop has to cut a larger piece of granite. For example, they may install a kitchen island and have to cut from a large piece, leaving smaller pieces behind. They often sell those remnant pieces at a discount. You may have to call around to find a piece that you like, but the savings could be worth the time.

3. Repurpose old furniture. Need a new vanity? Maybe a towel rack? You may not need to buy new pieces. Look around at garage sales, thrift stores, and even your own house. You may find something that can serve that purpose with just a little work. For example, you may be able to repaint a small bookshelf or cabinet and top it off with a small piece of granite to make a vanity. Take the doors off of a small cabinet to make a towel shelf. Be creative in looking for things that can reuse to save money.

4. Use groutable vinyl. You may like the look of ceramic tile. However, vinyl floors can look just like tile at just a fraction of the cost. Even better, vinyl tiles are easy to install, so you won't have to hire a professional to do it. You can also grout the vinyl to make it look even more like ceramic. Vinyl is an easy and inexpensive way to completely redo your floors, which dramatically changes the appearance from the bathroom.

Talk to a flooring company in your area like Chewelah Floor & Wall Coverings for more information on vinyl tiles. They can recommend an option that meets your goals and budget.