When Do You Need To Hire A Landscape Architect?

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If you are on the fence, unsure whether you need to consult with a landscape architect, there are some situations that warrant the input of a professional trained in residential design projects. These individuals collaborate with the contractors on some bigger-scale endeavors, also acting as a liaison between the property owner and the construction crew.

Some situations and projects that merit a landscape architect include the following:


Creating or refurbishing a driveway to or on your property is a big deal. The placement, angles, and dimensions will impact you for years to come, and one small error can make for a lifetime of inconvenience when coming and going from your home.

A landscape architect considers the following when planning a driveway:


Drainage is key around your property for numerous reasons, from gardens to preventing floods in your basement. A landscape architect will offer some inventive ways to create drainage where there is none and get water moving to where it is needed. They may also be able to help create drainage systems that give your plants and trees the ability to self-sustain (xeriscaping) for a practical, environmentally-sound option for homeowners.


Decks are another project that benefit from the insight of a landscape architect. Being able to plan an aesthetically-pleasing deck that also is in the best space for sunrises, sunsets, or bountiful views takes a keen eye, and someone who knows about the natural lay of the land.


A landscape architect will be very helpful during the construction of a terrace and can even help with the plants and surroundings that are most likely to thrive and grow in your new space. Creating a terrace should take elements such as the direction of sun, wind, and exposure into account. A landscape architect will assess these aspects to optimize the terrace for your home.

Hiring a landscape architect is the best approach when you want to bring aesthetic appeal to functional project on your property. While the contractor may be most focused on the structural elements of the job, a landscape architect ensures that the curb appeal and green-space are not compromised during the process.